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Fit Fun and Festive
  • "wonderful gentle exercises"
  • "good stretching, fun"
  • "attending ongoing classes has helped me with managing my lymphedema"
  • "clears my mind and feels good"
  • "love the exercise, camaraderie, mental support"
  • "helps my balance and is very relaxing"
  • "has improved my neck & shoulder stiffness and increased my flexibility"
  • "breathing, exercise, music and fun!"
  • "it's 'feel good' class - I made some new friends"
  • "got me moving in a fun way"
  • "psychologically empowering and joy provoking"
  • "fun, easy, full of upbeat energy"
Lymphedema Treatments
  • "I see Pam once a month for follow-up treatments for my left arm lymphedema, post breast cancer"

  • "I am a breast cancer survivor with lymphedema and have been seeing Pam regularly since ending my treatments. I know it is helping maintain my lymphedema."

  • "I have lymphedema in my legs and see Pam for follow-up treatments once a month where she does MLD and bandages me. Together we have been successful in keeping my lymphedema from getting worse."

  • "Pam Hill is a blessing! She's a valuable resource and provides a much-needed service for those of us navigating the maze of Lymphedema. The MLD therapy that Pam administers is very beneficial and assists in managing my Lymphedema. She also teaches Lebed Exercise Classes and helps facilitate a monthly Lymphedema Support Group. I truly believe that Pam's efforts really assist all of us (her patients) enhance our overall health. I feel very fortunate to have found her! :)"

Lymphedema Laser Treatments
  • "I had quite a bit of fibrosis in both my hand and arm. After one month of laser treatment, the results were astounding! I had so much reduction in swelling that I had to order a smaller sleeve! and my skin remains soft almost a year later." -breast cancer survivor with lymphedema.

  • "I went to Pam a few weeks after a mastectomy on my right breast. The incision felt like a big strip of tape over my chest and my arm felt like it was taped down. After laser/MLD treatment, I no longer felt these restrictions. I could move my arm and was able to forget about the incision altogether! I say a million thanks for not only giving me back my arm, but helping me forget the surgery at the same time, thus erasing some depression too." -breast cancer survivor post mastectomy

Manual Lymph Drainage Treatments
  • "I've been seeing Pam once a month for several years for full body Manual Lymph Drainage treatments. Before these treatments, I had yearly bouts of colds and bronchitis, which I have not had since! I believe these treatments are the reason why."

  • "I see Pam for monthly full body MLD treatments to keep my body de-toxified. I feel I am doing something healthy for my body and Pam has a great touch!"