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Lymphedema Treatments
  • "I am a breast cancer survivor with lymphedema and have been seeing Pam regularly since ending my treatments. I know it is helping maintain my lymphedema."

  • "I have lymphedema in my legs and see Pam for follow-up treatments once a month where she does MLD and bandages me. Together we have been successful in keeping my lymphedema from getting worse."

  • "Pam Hill is a blessing! She's a valuable resource and provides a much-needed service for those of us navigating the maze of Lymphedema. The MLD therapy that Pam administers is very beneficial and assists in managing my Lymphedema. She also teaches Lebed Exercise Classes and helps facilitate a monthly Lymphedema Support Group. I truly believe that Pam's efforts really assist all of us (her patients) enhance our overall health. I feel very fortunate to have found her! :)"

  • Roseanne natural health believer
    Having always made a commitment to natural health, I have long known the benefits of lymph drainage massage, in keeping my body cleansed, free of toxins, bacteria, etc., so it can function optimally. Upon moving here from another state where I had the benefit of very good lymph drainage therapists,
    I was thrilled to find Pam Hill, well-trained, experienced and nearby. Pam is compassionate, listens carefully and is intuitive. She has on occasion, made observations my medical doctors did not discern. I appreciate her professional capability, desire for continued learning, and her expert massage. I am always much improved after a visit with Pam.

  • Alice wants to stay healthy
    I have been receiving treatment from Pam Hill for over 10 years. As a breast cancer survivor, I originally saw Pam for lymphedema therapy to my arm. As that improved, I began combined 90 minute treatments of lymph drainage, lymphedema and massage therapy which are ongoing. I believe these bi-weekly treatments have kept me healthy, preventing colds and vrsuses. Also, lymph massage is very relaxing and helps reduce my stress level as well as pain in my neck. I always feel better after a treatment.

  • Chris post-surgery
    I was referred to Pam by the John Muir Lymphedema Clinic for follow-up after completing lymphedema therapy there. I was experiencing continuing pain after breast cancer treatment. Pam's gentle touch and knowledge of the body's healing pathways helped my healing process enormously. As the pain disappeared from the surgery area, I began getting whole body lymphatic massages twice a month. Whole body lymphatic massage stimulates and strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system which calms the mind and body. This effect on my body has reduced my anxiety, stress and, I believe, strengthened my immune system. I feel a sense of calm and well-being after each massage which carries me through the week. Pam is one of the few independent practitioners of lymph massage in the Bay Area. She has been a big part of my physical and emotional recovery from breast cancer. I highly recommend her for lymphedema follow-up treatments and/or whole body lymphatic drainage massage.